Intermediate Accountant (posted 2020-05-08)


Intermediate Accountant


Full-time. 7.5h day. 8-4:30, M-F.


Beaver Electrical’s Burnaby office

Job description:

  • Provide financial, administrative and clerical services.
  • Collections.
  • Preparing correspondence for customers.
  • Granting of credit and credit checks.
  • Set up of credit accounts.
  • Issue invoices to customers.
  • Reconciliation of accounts, applying credits.
  • Provide backup, when required, to Accounts Payable.
  • Provide backup, when required, to Reception.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Controller.

Required technical skills:

  • Knowledge of MS Windows, Excel, and Word.
  • Knowledge of Google G-Suite.
  • Collection experience and accounting experience is a must.

Required personal skills:

  • Excellent communication and telephone skills.
  • Enjoy work in a fast paced office.
  • Working successfully with numbers and enjoy multitasking.
  • Willingness to learn (cross training) and engage in continuous improvement.


Beaver Electrical Machinery Ltd. offers a competitive wage package with comprehensive benefits. Salary is negotiable based on previous accounting experience.

Resume submission:

Email your resume to the controller

Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Journeyperson Machinist (posted 2020-05-01)


Certified (Red Seal) Journeyperson Machinist.




Beaver Electrical’s Burnaby shop.

Job description:

  • Operate manual lathes, mills, grinders.
  • Set up and dial in components before turning, milling or grinding.
  • Accurately measure tolerances to 0.0001”.
  • Maintain schedules and delivery targets.
  • Read and interpret drawings to determine work requirements.
  • Complete quality assurance documentation as a standard procedure.
  • Maintain equipment cleanliness and correct operation.

Required technical skills:

  • Minimum 2 year experience with manual machine tooling operation.
    • CNC or automated machine work is not relevant.
  • Highly organized and experienced working with deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Familiarity with quality management programs and continuous improvement processes.
  • Good decision making & problem solving capabilities.
  • Welding experience and millwright experience would be considered an asset.

Required personal skills:

  • A strong work ethic; doing it right, the first time.
  • Support of company safety and quality programs.
  • Passion and innovation in their role.
  • Excellent interpersonal and technical communication skills, coupled with demonstrated attention to detail and accuracy of results.


Beaver Electrical Machinery Ltd. offers a competitive wage package with full benefits per IBEW 213 union agreement.

Resume submission:

Email your resume to the Shop Services Coordinator

Operations during the COVID-19 situation

Beaver Electrical remains open for business. We are maintaining standard hours for regular requests and 24/7 availability for emergencies. We take pride in our ability to assist keeping critical infrastructure and industry in BC running; especially in this time of crisis.

Specific notes to our customers regarding modified procedures during the COVID-19 situation:

  • Only visitors with pre-arranged appointments will be permitted at all Beaver locations.
  • Counter sales all all locations will be suspended.
  • Sales orders across all channels (telephone, email, ecommerce, B2B PO, etc.) will continue to be filled within our typical order handing timelines.
  • Customer pickups (call orders) for product sales will be suspended. All product sales orders must be shipped on a Common Carrier.
  • Beaver will only accept shipments of equipment to Service Shops on a Common Carrier. On a case-by-case basis, with an appointment, Beaver may accept customer drop-offs to a Service Shop.
  • Beaver will only ship equipment from Service Shops on a Common Carrier. On a case-by-case basis, with an appointment, Beaver may accept customer pick-ups from a Service Shop.
  • Beaver Shop Service employees will only work on customer sites for emergency service.
  • Beaver is not scheduling new testing or routine maintenance jobs at this time. Jobs presently scheduled will be postponed; the Field Service Coordinator will be in touch with affected customers.

In addition to these measures, we are are following the guidance of the provincial government and their related agencies. We will apply their suggestions and requirements as required to protect the health and well being of our employees, customers, and the public at large.

AEGIS Protection Rings

Beaver Electrical Machinery is Canada’s only trained installer for AEGIS® bearing protection rings. When Beaver installs an AEGIS® protection ring, it is granted additional manufacturer’s warranty length.

Without bearing protection, shaft voltages can cause fluting damage.
Shaft voltage reading from motor protected with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring.

We offer the following services to help prevent electrical bearing damage:

  • Bearing Cutting and Inspection
  • Shaft voltage testing
  • External AEGIS® Installation
  • Internal AEGIS® Installation

Your Bearings Can Fail from VFD-Induced Shaft Currents
VFDs allow large energy savings and precise control. But they also generate electric voltages on motor shafts. These shaft voltages can discharge through the bearings, causing pitting, fluting, and eventual bearing failure.

Protect Your Bearings
AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings are the leading bearing protection technology. They protect bearings by giving shaft voltages a “path of least resistance” to ground, so the shaft discharges through the ring, not the bearing. Unlike other shaft grounding products, AEGIS® rings are long-lived and maintenance-free, and can be installed inside or outside of the motor.

Download link for AEGIS bearing protection handbook+


Green Motors Practices Group

Through the Green Motors Practices Group, Beaver rewinds are simply better.

GMPG members maintain or improve original motor reliability and energy efficiency when rewinding or rebuilding electric motors. The rewind process is strictly controlled and consequently the motor iron losses are not affected.

We are able to offer electric utility financed incentives or rebates when our customer’s qualifying rewinds are meet the Green Motor Initiative’s (GMI) high process standards.

GMPG members achieve these efficiency goals through strict adherence to good repair practices, including Green Motor Practices Group Electric Motor Repairing Specification 2012 and ANSI/EASA Standard AR100-2015

Both of Beaver’s service centres are GMPG members and both are EASA AR100 certified.


Power in doesn’t always equal power out.

ANSI/EASA Standard AR100-2015

Program Overview

EASA AR100 assures the efficiency and reliability of repaired electric motors.

It has been proven that electric motor efficiency can be maintained during repair and rewind by following defined good practices. EASA has developed an international accreditation program for service centers based on the sources of these good practices, namely ANSI/EASA AR100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus and the Good Practice Guide of the 2003 study The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency, by EASA and the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT).

The intent of this groundbreaking accreditation program is to evaluate service centers for evidence of compliance to assure that they are using prescribed good practices to maintain motor efficiency and reliability during electrical and mechanical repairs of electric motors. The program accomplishes this by use of independent, third-party auditors.

learn about the benefits of using our EASA AR100 Accredited Service Centre here

Beaver Electrical’s involvement

Beaver’s two locations are the only EASA AR100 accredited repair centers in BC. Both Beaver’s Nanoose Bay and Burnaby shops are accredited.

Scope of the program

  • Three-phase, squirrel-cage motors that are repaired in accredited service centers. As such, the scope of the program includes mechanical repairs as well as electrical rewinding.


  • Designed to assure usage of prescribed good practices
  • Helps maintain motor efficiency and reliability during repair
  • Covers 23 categories and over 70 criteria elements (See the Audit Checklist for details)
  • External audits conducted by independent, third-party auditors

EASA AR100 (Nanoose Bay)

Beaver Electrical Machinery, Ltd. in Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, has been approved as an EASA Accredited Service Center by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA).

EASA Accreditation of Beaver Electrical Machinery means that we have successfully demonstrated that we follows the prescribed good practices to consistently deliver quality electromechanical repairs that maintain or improve AC electric motor efficiency and “This achievement by Beaver Electrical Machinery affirms the company’s commitment to excellence,” said Linda J. Raynes, CAE, EASA president & CEO. “EASA’s Accreditation Program, just launched last summer, offers external validation that the company adheres to good practices by submitting to an independent, third-party audit.”

The criteria for becoming EASA Accredited are based on ANSI/EASA AR100-2015: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus and The Good Practice Guide of The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency.

EASA Press Release for Nanoose Bay

EASA AR100 Accreditation Certificate (Nanoose Bay)

Saving money with good power factor

What is power factor and what do I do about it?

Power factor is the ratio of real power flowing to the load divided by the apparent power in the circuit. It is a dimensionless number in the closed interval of -1 to 1.  It is the ratio between Watts and VARs consumed (normally kW and kVAR). In an electrical power system, loads with low power factor (such as motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, lightly loaded transformers, and other devices that generate a magnetic field) draw more current for the same amount of useful power as a load with a higher power factor.

Lagging power factor is penalized by utilities. Low (lagging) power factor draws more current than a load with a higher power. Utilities must use larger conductors and other equipment when their system has a low power factor.

Low power factor appears on a utility bill as a penalty or surcharge normally applied when a customer’s average power factor dips below 0.90 for a given period.

Power factor correction capacitors can be added to a system to correct the power factor and return it to a non-penalty value.

Leading power factor is a situation where too much capacitance is applied. High (leading) power factor can cause overvoltage and can amplify existing system harmonics.

Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems detect the correction required and dynamically add and remove capacitors or inductors from the system to achieve the target power factor.

Read more about AKB                          Read more about KVB
here:                                                               here:


How does BC Hydro penalize poor power factor?

BC Hydro customers on the Medium General Service or Large General Service tariff may be subject to surcharges if their power factor dips below 90% in a billing period.

90% – 100% None
88% – 90% 2%
85% – 88% 4%
80% – 85% 9%
75% – 80% 16%
70% – 75% 24%
65% – 70% 34%
60% – 65% 44%
55% – 60% 57%
50% – 55% 72%
< 50% 80%

Where will I see if I have a penalty?

Check line number 8 your BC Hydro utility statement. If your power factor is 89% or lower or you have a non-zero dollar value in the Power Factor row, you may be needlessly paying a surcharge!

PF must be >90% or you will be charged!

Email a copy of your usage statement showing a surcharge to and our engineering team would be glad to make a capacitor sizing calculation for you. Payback on a power factor correction capacitor install can be as fast as 3 months!

Shop services capability matrix

Shop Services Burnaby Nanoose Bay
LV AC (Mush/Form Winding) NEMA/IEC, SCIM, W/R & Salient Pole Motors & Gens Yes Yes
MV AC (>2KV – ≤ 7KV) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens Yes Yes
HV AC (>7KV – ≤ 15KV) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens’ Yes Yes
Explosion Proof CSA Certified Yes  
Small DC (≤ 100HP) Yes Yes
Med DC (>100 – ≤ 500HP) Yes Yes
Large DC (>500HP) Yes Yes
AC Traction Motors Yes Yes
DC Traction Motors Yes Yes
Submersible Pump Motors Yes Yes, with test pit
Transformer rewinding (Dry/Oil ≤ 30KV) Yes  
Oil Processing Yes  
Magnets Yes Yes
VPI Plant – 6ft dia’ x 12’6″ deep   Yes
Dynamic Balancing Machine Yes Yes
Full Compliment Machine shop in house Yes Yes
Lifting Capacity of shop cranes including max combined lift Up to 20 ton Up to 40 ton
Heavy Lift Capability by special arrangement Largest to date – 75 ton  
Control panel repair and assembly Yes  
Substation fabrication and assembly Yes

Field Services Burnaby Nanoose Bay
Field Service (Power Delivery) Yes  
Field Service (Rotating AC & DC) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens Yes Yes
Field service (Power Generation) Yes  
Hydro Generator – Onsite Winder/Mechanical Crews Yes Yes
Dynamic Balancing Onsite Yes Yes
Vibration Analysis/Ultrasound   Yes
Thermal Imaging   Yes
Laser Alignment   Yes
Onsite machining & undercutting (commutator/slip ring) Yes Yes