Shop services capability matrix

Shop Services Burnaby Nanoose Bay
LV AC (Mush/Form Winding) NEMA/IEC, SCIM, W/R & Salient Pole Motors & Gens Yes Yes
MV AC (>2KV – ≤ 7KV) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens Yes Yes
HV AC (>7KV – ≤ 15KV) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens’ Yes Yes
Explosion Proof CSA Certified Yes  
Small DC (≤ 100HP) Yes Yes
Med DC (>100 – ≤ 500HP) Yes Yes
Large DC (>500HP) Yes Yes
AC Traction Motors Yes Yes
DC Traction Motors Yes Yes
Submersible Pump Motors Yes Yes, with test pit
Transformer rewinding (Dry/Oil ≤ 30KV) Yes  
Oil Processing Yes  
Magnets Yes Yes
VPI Plant – 6ft dia’ x 12’6″ deep   Yes
Dynamic Balancing Machine Yes Yes
Full Compliment Machine shop in house Yes Yes
Lifting Capacity of shop cranes including max combined lift Up to 20 ton Up to 40 ton
Heavy Lift Capability by special arrangement Largest to date – 75 ton  
Control panel repair and assembly Yes  
Substation fabrication and assembly Yes

Field Services Burnaby Nanoose Bay
Field Service (Power Delivery) Yes  
Field Service (Rotating AC & DC) SCIM, W/R, Salient Pole & T/A Motors & Gens Yes Yes
Field service (Power Generation) Yes  
Hydro Generator – Onsite Winder/Mechanical Crews Yes Yes
Dynamic Balancing Onsite Yes Yes
Vibration Analysis/Ultrasound   Yes
Thermal Imaging   Yes
Laser Alignment   Yes
Onsite machining & undercutting (commutator/slip ring) Yes Yes

2250 HP In-place rewind

Beaver Electrical recently completed an in-place rewind of a large motor for a pulp mill. Due to the size and location of the motor, removal from the plant was impossible. The motor’s function is to grind cottonwood into kraft pulp before being transferred elsewhere in the plant for further processing.

Motor Specifications:
2250 HP
257 RPM
28 Pole
2300 Volt

The motor was manufactured by English Electric in the 1950’s and installed in the mill.
In 1982, after 30 years of service, Beaver performed an in-place rewind on the motor.
After another 28 years of service, Beaver performed the same service.

We are honoured by our long-time customers. Photos are from both the 1982 rewind job and the 2010 rewind job.